social media

Hello World!

As any other real-life blogger I am obviously also present on several social media plattforms.

You may know that this is actually “only” my second blog. My main and german blog is called “lifewithsaskia” and I basically blog about books and everything that comes to my mind – in case you’re able to understand german you should definetly check it out! *klick*

So please don’t wonder if my name on other social media plattforms isn’t “travelwithsaskia” as you’d might expect it but “lifewithsaskia”!

Even though I created an extra “travelwithsaskia”-Facebookpage just for you guys, so go and have a look. *klick*

Whenever there is an especially great shot you’ll find it on Instagram under my name “lifewithsaskia27. *klick*

You’re interested in my almost daily thoughts?! How about checking out my Twitter-page, keep your eyes open for “LifeWith_Saskia”or: *klick*

That’s not enough for you?! Well how about you send me an E-Mail with whatever bothers you?!

I know it’s kinda weird, that it’s all with my other blogname, but try to see it from my view: if I’d open a new account on every social media just for this blog I’d need to post everything like twohundered times and well… no thank you! I’m sure you’ll survive it and I am convinced you can deal with it.

Thanks by the way for being here, being interested in what I have to say! You’re awesome!!

See you, Saskia xxx