Hello World! Last time I told you “how to organise a roadtrip“, so now it’s time to tell you guys about the next and kinda most important step: the roadtrip itself. Your car is packed, your friends are ready and you can’t wait to go on an adenture? Perfect time to leave. A roadtrip means […]

Hello World! As you might know, I’ve already been on a few roadtrips and my travelmates usually admired how organised I am. Well, after a while you just know how certain thing need to be handled and honestly it is a lot easier and relaxing if you have some sort of “plan”. It is not […]

Hello World! I either never realised it or I just never thought about it, but now I did and it’s stuck in my head so I need to tell you about it: traveling is not equal with holidays. At least not for me. But don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. As a kid, my […]

Hello World! I guess many guys of you have already heard about the job “AuPair” and some of you might now, that I am currently an AuPair in Australia, so believe me, when I tell you, I know what being an AuPair is really like. Before I came to Australia I heard all kind of […]

Hello World! Who doesn’t know that problem: you’re at the most stunning place in the whole world (I have that feeling all the time) and you wanna take an awesome picture of it, preferred with yourself in it – everybody can google breathtaking photos, but you being in the picture is a doubtless proof you’ve […]

Here I am. You could also say: Here I am AGAIN! Why, you’re asking? Well that’s pretty easy, to be honest: blogging is nothing new to me, cause I am already a proud Blog-owner since almost two years now. And yes I know, that that only brings up a thousand other questions, so let me […]