Hello World! As you already might know, I’ve been on a tour to Uluru last year and while we were our there in the Australian Outback we obviously also saw the two other magnificent things around that area. Both hikes are pretty impressive, but also exhausting, so don’t forget to bring more than enough water […]

Hello World! Ever been to the most Australia-Iconic thing you can imagine? If not: GO THERE! And if yes: GO AGAIN! No, but seriously, it’s super worth it. Every slightly working brain with some kind of connection to the rest of the World should know about this gigantic rock called “Uluru” or for some white-nosed […]

Hello World! On my way to the middle of Australia our first (significent) stop was Coober Pedy, famous for being the Opal Capital of the World. And you may also know it as the “Underground-Town”. Honestly, when I heard that, I had this picture in my head of a complete town under the earth, in […]

Last year in October I did something I never thought I would ever do: I went on a trip into the Outback on my way to Uluru. It’s the most Australian thing you can see down here and trust me when I tell you that I really never wanted to go there and now it […]