about me

Hello World!

IMG_20170321_123017My name is – who would have guessed that – Saskia and I am a 20 year-young german girl with really big dreams and no money at all to make them true, but you know what?! I don’t care. Call me naive – it’s true anyway – but I still live my dream and I am getting better at it.

I am a crazy, colourful talk-a-lot who always has a wide grin on her face. Next to being the happiest person on planet earth – maybe a tiny weeny bit exaggerated – I am a really honest person who is just not able to tell even the smallest lie AND I am a huge Bookworm, Potterhead and Netflix-Junkie. I love to take photos – but my beloved camera is not quiet working anymore – and well… I am a blogger.

About the “blogger”-part: I am not just talking about this new created Blog, but also about my two year old book- and lifestyleblog (lifewithsaskia). In case you’re interested in even MORE Saskia and you’re able to understand german, risk a look, it’s worth it – I hope!

Since August 2016 I am on the other side of the world – at least from my usual point of view – and am trying not to fall down from this huge blue-green-ish ball called earth. Could you guess where I am?!

Yes, I am in Australia and even though I did not plan to travel around at all I saw so many places and I’d like to kick my past-version of myself in the ass for not considering HOW beautiful Australia actually is. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve learnd so freakin’ much about myself in the last couple month and I guess I changed quiet a bit.

My journey started in Adelaide where I lived as an AuPair, but things didn’t turn out as I tought they would and with some extra stops basically EVERYWHERE I ended up in Perth in the dearest family I could ever imagine.

But if you wanna find out more about my life and experiences down here you should hit the “follow”-button and keep up to date with everything I’ve seen and maybe I’ll even have the one or other helpful advice for you. And as soon I am back in Germany I’ll obviously keep traveling and therefore I’ll keep blogging about it, don’t worry!

Looking forward to seeing you more often here from now on!

See you, Saskia xxx