14. June 2017

Amazed at Uluru

Hello World!

Ever been to the most Australia-Iconic thing you can imagine?

If not: GO THERE! And if yes: GO AGAIN!

No, but seriously, it’s super worth it. Every slightly working brain with some kind of connection to the rest of the World should know about this gigantic rock called “Uluru” or for some white-nosed people better known as “Ayers Rock” – please do me a favour and don’t call it that, sounds so wrong!uluru1

So yes, I had the pleasure to see Uluru last spring (thehe, at least it was spring in Australia, so confussing – start of October) and even though I never planned on going there, I am really glad I DID go there. Australia itself is just amazing, but Uluru is special and it’s iconic. I met many people/ backpacker who prefer traveling the East Coast instead of going away from the big Cities (haha, good one) and discover the REAL Australia. And please, what’s more “real Australian” than Uluru?!

As you might know, I went there with a tour and we spent two days/ nights around Uluru. Our Tourguide told us some very interesting stories about it (I must admit, I am not able to re-tell them, sorry!), we saw two stunning sunrises and two sunsets from each a different angle and we did the 10km walk around it.

Waking up early in the morning was so worth it and it always is. You just have to see it to get it. In my ten month Down Under I saw so many sunsets and each and one is special and beautiful, but just the fact seeing one at Uluru makes it even a bit more beautiful.

The Red Center is full of Aboriginal History and even though we, the WesternWorldPeople, destroyed basically their whole life and world after sending our prisoners there the still let us go onto their land. – I am, on one egoistic-side happy the Britains did come here, cause otherwise I would maybe not be where I am right now, but let’s talk real for a moment: was it necessary that they take everything they had and called it useless? NO! But it seems people always do that – they should all stop with whatever they’re doing and listen to the rich words of Pocahontas:

You think the only people who are people
Are the people who look and think like you
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You’ll learn things you never knew


Nevertheless I think it is a step in the right direction that the Government gave the rights of the area around Uluru back to whom they belong to: the Aborigines. They took it away from them and “used” it for tourist without even thinking about its meaning. Nowerdays tourists are still allowed to go there, but the Aborigines are basically the once who make the rules.

You might have heard about people climbing the rock and if you’re planning on doing so, let me explain something to you:

First of all, that rock you want to climb is super improtant to the Aborigines, it is kind of the same as if they’d climb the Vatican (I can’t be bothered cause I am not catholic, but I bet there are many people out there who would have a massive problem with that!). It is something you just don’t do, not if you have a bit of respect for their culture.

And if you give a shit about what they care about (go to hell, honestly!) just look how freaking dangerous that climb is. On days where the weather is not ideal it’s not allowed to climb anyway, but also don’t do it when it is practially allowed. The stone is slipery and you have no grip nor security at all. I saw a woman climbing up there, her baby with her, and I was shocked. That has nothing to do with bravery or so it’s just stupid and I honesly don’t care about that dumb mum, but about that poor inocent kid.

Respect their culture and don’t risc you neck, at least this one time!

And anyway, it’s great just being there, doing the walk around and hearing about the history this massive stone has to tell.

If you’re in Australia or planning to go, do it, JUST DO IT!!! See the magic happening here!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Do you want to go there? Have you been there?

What’s your opinion about the climbing-thing?

See you, Saskia xxx

P.S. the whole overview over my trip you can see, if you click >HERE<!


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