Who doesn’t want to travel along the East Coast, right? Everybody who has been to Australia does the East Coast before anything else. It’s for young tourists/ backpacker even more interesting than the Outback – WHAT A SHAME! – so no wonder I wanted to do it, too.

I started this year January, 10 in Cairns and ended up in Brisbane January, 24. Not the best timing as some you might know, cause we drove directly through the main rain period, but I had no other choice.

There are many stops along the Coast and also insinde the country and I would recommend at least two weeks, better three. I actually planned to do it a whole month, but we were quiet quick. Not really because there is nothing to see, but probably more because I wasn’t traveling with the right people and I was looking forward to meet somebody in Brisbane, which ended up to be the most stupid wish ever.

SO when you’re going on that trip, take your time, don’t skip anything because of somebody else and enjoy it.

Honestly, I was a bit disapointed, but I am sure that’s mostly my own fault… and maybe the fact that I am not too much into touristish stuff. I like to enjoy the nature not a bar.

-Oh, and my camera wasn’t working the whole trip so I could only take pics with my phone, which I HATED!

I did it as a roadtrip (with two total strangers) and I can recommend it to everybody! With your own car/ van you’re far more flexible and I am sure you’d miss some great spots without. We hired our van with Wicked Campers and although I hear also a lot of bad stuff, I really love the vans from them and to be fair, they are cheap!

What follows is a list of all the stops you should do between Cairs and Brisbane, even though I did not do all of them by myself. Furthermore I am sure I’ll blog about some spots another time with more details – so if you’re interested in a significent place, let me know and I’ll tell you all about it what I know.


It’s a cute little town and ideal if you like to party, but I don’t so I wasn’t sad at all leaving after only two days.ec1

Cape Tribulation

Yes, I know, that’s north of Cairns AND I did not go there. But I planned to, but all the streets were flooded – rain period and all that stupid stuff. I heard that it’s beautiful up there, but maybe use a 4WD…

On our way there (before we had to turn around) we went to Trinity Beach, Palm Cove and Ellis Beach. Well, they’re beaches… nothing REALLY speacial to be honest, at least there was no rain, right?!

Falls around Atherton

We only went to Atherton cause my Travelmates knew people there, but in that area were some beautiful waterfalls. Worth going to are definitely the Barron Falls and Millaa Millaa, or personal favourite were the Dinner Falls at Mount Hypipamee and I also enjoyed the Millstream Falls (which is btw the widest fall in Australia, but you need to drive quiet a while to go there).

Mission Beach

Nice beach… I don’t know, somehow I am never really mindblown by all there “mainstream” beaches.ec6

Townsville/ Magnetic Island

I did not go to Magnetic Island (and in the following you’ll see I didn’t go to any Island… I was mega broke, keep that in mind!), but I saw it from a lookout in Townsville, which had a wonderful view.ec7


Again, I didn’t go there, but I went to the Pinnacles here in WA and if you’re not coming to WA you should take the opportunity and have a look.

Airlie Beach/ Whitsunday Island

In Airlie I probably had one of my best days on that trip and not only cause the Lagoon there was stunning, but I met a good friend there by accident. Guess everybody has heard about the Whitsundays, and I really, really wished I had the money to go there, so if you have, DO IT and enjoy, I only heard good things about it.ec8


To be honest I cannot remember that place at all, maybe we just drove through. Little tip: if you’re driving along the water, DON’T drive ON the stones at the side… just saying 😀 *wink*

Blackdown Tableland NP

This one I regret the most that I missed it. The pictures with the little pools and just the whole surrounding looked just so… pretty. DAMMIT!

Agnes Water/ Town 1770

Ok, this is a MUST SEE! I’ll write a seprate post about this one, cause especially the one lookout in 1770 was SO beautiful, like a dream!

Rainbow Beach/ Fraser Island

If you’re into 4WD and Island you should check this one out, I heard it’s a great adventure. Although I heard from many people that if you’re a bit broke just do Fraser OR Whitsunday, in the end they’re both pretty simular. I’d probably choose Fraser, cause 4WD! Oh and Rainbow Beach has maybe the best name of all of them, but also this one is just a beach…ec12


I thought this was a cute Town and in start of February you can see baby Turtles finding their way to the Ocean, cute as hell I guess!


Not too far away from Brisbane itself and worth a visit. There is a NP along the Coast of Noosa with beautiful walks and little lagoons. ec9

I know myself that I missed out some great places and I am sure that there are some stunning NP and walks especially around Cairns, but my travelmates weren’t too much into hiking and as I already mentioned, I was desperate to arrive in Brisbane…

So my advice for you: take your time and really see what you wanna see (and that’s not only for the East Coast but every single place in the damn world)!

As I already said, the East Coast wasn’t my favourite thing, but that depends first of all on whom you’re traveling with and what you experience while traveling. I belive in the end it’s not the place itself that makes a trip special but what you make out of it. I didn’t use my chance as I should have done, so don’t make the same mistake!

Have you seen the East Coast? How did you like it? Are there any places I missed out I didn’t know yet?

Is there any place I mentioned you want to hear more about?

Would you like to see which free campgrounds we used and how expensive that trip was in total?

See you, Saskia xxx


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