Last year in October I did something I never thought I would ever do: I went on a trip into the Outback on my way to Uluru.

It’s the most Australian thing you can see down here and trust me when I tell you that I really never wanted to go there and now it is the place I recommend to everybody. I met many traveller who think like me before I went there: It’s not worth it, it’s too far away from basically everything and it’s freakin’ expensive. Except for the “not worth it” all that’s maybe true, BUT therefore it is ABSOLUTLY WORTH IT!

Don’t do it if you’re just into partying and all that bullshit, but if you’re willing to see the real and unique Australia you should snatch all your money and do it.

Even though I am somebody who prefers to travel without a big group, but with one or two friends (or strangers) on our own, it is definetly better to do this particular trip with a tour and especially a tourguide who knows what he’s doing. The Outback is huge and empty and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t like to get lost here. Furthermore there is a lot of cultural stuff going on out there which you would not realise by driving through that area without somebody next to you who tells you about it.

There are two (clever) ways to do a trip to Uluru. You could either start in Darwin and drive south to the middle of Australia (cannot tell you how that is, cause I didn’t do that one) or do what I did and start in Adelaide and drive up north. On the way you can also see the interesting Underground-Town Coober Pedy and usually also something cool around Adelaide (why I didn’t is a different story).

There are several companies which you can travel with, I did it with GROOVY GRAPES and I am more than happy with my decision. It’s not cheap at all, but it’s worth every dollar you pay.

I’ll tell you about the different stops and sights more specific another day, but here is a overview about the trip with Groovy Grapes:

If you book it directly with Groovy Grapes it’ll cost you $915 (AUS) for six whole days and five nights.

Day 1: Clare Valley wine region and after that you’ll head to the Flinders Ranges

Day 2: See and explore Coober Pedy the Opal Capital of the World and an incredible Underground-Town and as a cherry on an ice-cream visit the Josephine’s Kangaroo Orphanage

Day 3: Have a long but interesting drive up to Uluru and sleep on a campground nearby in a swag under the stars

Day 4: Get up early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise at Uluru, visit the Aboriginal Cultural Center and enjoy a stunning hike around Kata Tjuta before you’re again falling asleep under the increadible starsky

Day 5: Enjoy another sunrise and take a 10km walk around Uluru. Drive to Kings Canyon, set up you camp for the night and go for another breath-taking hike around the Canyon

Day 6: Depending on you’re Tourguide you’ll be lucky and get the opportunity to ride a camel on the way to Alice Springs.

How exactly the days will be always depends on your guide and the weather. Especially around Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon the order can change, but in the end you’ll see everything either way…

Except you’re dumb enough to go there in the Australian summer, cause that’ll be suicide. If it is too hot it can happen that you won’t do the Kings Canyon walk cause it wouldn’t be responsible. Therefore my advise for you:

Book your trip in spring or late autumn (Australian seasons). Then it won’t be too hot nor too cold in the night and there won’t be too many flys (don’t get me wrong there are still many flys, but you can still live with them… somehow).

My experience with this company and the trip itself was wonderful, I met many nice people and with some of them I am still in contact, you’ll see things that are just amazing and you’ll sleep directly under the stars (sounds scary, but as soon as you’re doing it, you cannot imagine doing something else anymore).

You get breakfast, lunch and dinner and also some snacks inbetween and you don’t need to pay any additional fees or so – all inclusive! And if you don’t have a sleepingbag you can hire one for $20 (AUS).

Remember: although the Outback is pretty hot during the day (bring enough waterbottles), don’t underestimate how cold it can become in the night (pack a warm jumper).

More details about the places itself are coming soon, don’t worry!

Do you wanna go to the Outback/ Uluru?

Have you already been there? How did you do that trip and how was it?

See you, Saskia xxx


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