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Who doesn’t know that problem: you’re at the most stunning place in the whole world (I have that feeling all the time) and you wanna take an awesome picture of it, preferred with yourself in it – everybody can google breathtaking photos, but you being in the picture is a doubtless proof you’ve actually been there.

I love taking pictures and even though it always feels weird taking pictures of yourself in the end it’s always worth it! My first problem is coming up when I am traveling alone or with people I don’t know well or who are pretty bad at taking good photos. In that case I usually just end up not having too many pic’s of myself. Oh, and do you know these people that only take like one picture and that’s it? Wow, thanks for the effort. Not.

But that’s actually not what I wanna talk about today. As soon as I found someone who takes a picture of me or I set up my self-timer – to be honest with you guys I usually don’t use that a lot, but the camera of my Host-Mum (mine isn’t working anymore but that’s another story) is really good with it, so I discovered self-timer for myself today jeahhiiii! – I usually ended up with one major problem:

I don’t wanna pose in exactly the same way all the time!

Meanwhile I developed a bigger variation and just two nights I created some new ideas and went yesterday straight away to the nearest Nationalpark (forgot my memory card for my camera and had to drive back home to get it) to test and improve them.

But let’s start with the Saskia-Classics (hope you don’t mind if I leave out the “standing around”-pose and anything similar boring):

1. My favourite thing to do in a picture is throwing my arms into the air and show everybody how cool every place is I go to. You can variate the “world hug” by changing how high you hold your arms and by turning your back to the camera. It’s super-simple, looks good and not weird while doing it and it says everything you wanna tell with your pic.

I eventually ended up using it all the time, that my Mum once told me to do something else, it started to became boring looking at the same thing over and over again (I think she did not realize the amazing background, though… but she was kinda right)

2. To show my endless love I form a heart with my hands and hope the photographer is smart enough to find the right angle so it actually LOOKS like a heart. Easy as it is, I call it the “heart shape”-pose.


Sydney – Bondi Beach

3. I discovered that both options above match pretty well with sitting crossed-leg on the ground or stone or whatever you can sit on. Let us be creative and name this the “criss-cross crossed-leg”-pose. BÄM!

4. For this one you need somebody with a bit more time than a second and good timingskills (for self-timer). Put your camera on continious shooting-mode, jump as there won’t be a tomorrow and have fun. I especially love this “jumpy humpy”-one while photographing the sunset/ sunrise and you just see a jumping silhouette. By now I am fairly good at doing different jumps – and don’t be scared, GET CRAZY!

If you see pictures of my past trips you will see that the majority of pictures will involve one of the above four poses.

But now it’s time to get creative! Here are my (new) fancy ways of posing for a picture:

5. This is a tough one, but I promise you in the end it’ll look amazing… after trying a hundred times. So first thing you need is patient, power of endurance and time! This is the “sort-of handstand”. I asure you, that I am awefully bad at gymnastics and I am not even capable of doing a forward role and basically EVERYBODY can do that! Just have faith in yourself and try. Bestly take the shot from the side so it looks like you’re actually aiming for not doing a proper handstand.

My mission for the next days/ weeks is improving my handstand-thing and who knows, maybe I end up actually doing a proper one. If you can already do a handstand or any gymnastical stuff, go for it and use it as a pose!

6. It was or is raining, but you still wanna take a creative picture?! Try this: find a puddle (river or lake are also possible), stand above it and take a picture of your refelction in it. Would also look great together with a monument, statue or whatever is around you. Trust me, the “reflected me” is the new black. Go for it!photo12

7. It can look stupid, but it can also look interesting and original: show your legs. No, wait, that sounds wrong. I don’t mean take of your pants, but take a picture of your lower body – with your pants on – in a cool way. “Walking legs”-pose can be implement in many different ways. You can just stand in an awkward way or you can walk to the camera or away from it. Either way, if it’s done in a good way, it’ll look favourable.

8. Ever saw your shadow and thought: “What’s that bloddy thing actually there for?” I tell you what for: taking clever photos with it! Whaaat?! You can just stand around and take a photo of your hanging around shadow OR you try to jump over your shadow. Got it?! You jumping is cool, but your shadow jumping? Inovation! I haven’t perfect it jet, but try the “jumping shadow” yourself.photo15

9. Use what’s around you. Walk the line on a street, grab a Kangaroo as an accessoire or pretend a rock is falling on you. It’s your turn to get creative and “use your surrounding”. Makes the pic in the end truly awesome.

10. For the next and last one, you only need to be yourself. Show your ‘carzy me’ to the world and do whatever crazy people do. Give the camera your natural laugh, fall down a tree or do basically anything stupid your smart brain can bring up. I love “Outtakes” cause they are usually pretty funny and they’re natural.

These are all great things to do, but in the end just do whatever you feel like and enjoy the moment. Don’t be too shy to take pics of yourself, in the end it’s always a brilliant memory!

What do you think about these photo-ideas?!

Do you have any further ideas, me and every other person on this planet should try out?


See you, Saskia xxx

P.S. Since I tried to do the handstand over a hundred times yesterday EVERY muscle in my body hurts, but who cares, right?!


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  1. I definitely want to try the outtakes and walking-legs poses. This is a cool idea for a post, btw.

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