Yesterday I went with a new friend to Yanchep National Park, actually that was the first time I met her, but I’d say it went pretty well. We had a lot of fun together and discovered the depth of this particulary beautiful park.

Yanchep is about one hour from Perth away (depents obviously on where exactly in Perth you are…) and is a charming park with some fascinating caves. When I looked it up in the WorldWideWeb it told me that visiting these caves would cost me something from $200 and up, so we weren’t planning to go caving, BUT that nice lady in the InfoCentre taught us better and a normal guided tour costs $15, what’s not bad at all.

An hour later and filled up with our selfmade lunch we stood infront of the Cristal Cave, impaitent waiting for the tour to start. Together with a bunch of other people and the guide we finally went down into the cave and saw the whole beauty it prepared for us.

It’s actually really amazing to hear about how this cave became what it is today and it’s hard to believe or just imagine how freakin’ long it takes to create one tiny stalagmite. Crazy, I tell you.

There is also an artificial waterpool down there to support the nature, cause most the water that used to be down there is used by… us. Well there is still natural water, that’s now 4 metre further down. That’s only a tiny piece of what the guide told us, but I am kinda bad in writting factual reports and I am not Wikipedia, so shut up and just enjoy the pictures I shot for you.

Stunning, right?

After having an excellent time underground we finally saw the sun again and Lena and I decided to go for a walk, which ended up into two walkes and us two just chatting and getting to know each other better.

Oh and did I tell you that we saw cute Koalas and Kangaroos, too? Soooooo sweet, but honestly, Koalas are unbeatable in hiding in trees up high.

But no matter how magnificent the park was, my secret highlight (aside from the cave) was the Yanchep Lagoon, and that wasn’t even planned. On our way home I saw the sign >Yanchep Two Rocks< and thought “why not?”. We took the next exit and… couldn’t find the rocks, instead we ended up at a beautiful beach/ lagoon, whatever you wanna call it, and saw a graceful sunset.

After the sun set we made ourself on the way home (this time for real) and I just won’t tell you what happend afterwards, it’s too sad. I’ll just say: technic in Australia HATES me, really!

How was your weekend? What did you do?

See you, Saskia xxx


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