Even though Melbourne was the one city I really, really didn’t want to visit another time (have been there three years ago with my family for two days and I couldn’t stand it) my new friend somehow managed to persuade me and after not even knowing her for 24h we booked the flight for the upcoming weekend.

This was the start for a crazy and wonderful friendship and we had an amazing time in Melbourne.

We had three days to explore Melbourne and so we wouldn’t miss the best thing we asked some friends for their place-to-be. Our first day was packed with everything that you can see directly in the citycentre

Everybody kept telling us about the Federation Square in combo with St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Station. We… did not really get it. The Cathedral and Station looked quiet impressive (although I’ve seen better Cathedrals in England) but the Square?! What the hell is that supposed to be?

Ok, we could just say I got that WTF-impression cause I have no eye and mind for great cities, but even Pia looked disapointed. There are some fancy buildings and allegedly-golden steps and I guess it might be impressive to other people with a big heart for architecture and cities, fot us it wasn’t.

At least one street further my eyes finally started to glow up. Melbourne itself has many graffiti, but that’s NOTHING compared to Hosier Lane! The whole street is filled with hundreds and thousands of them and it looks mind-blowing. I couldn’t resist jumping on a huge sprayed container to smutch my pants.

With a huge grin on our faces we made our way to the close-by Eureka Skydeck and discovered the highlight of our whole trip. But what is this Skydeck?

Imagine the tallest building in Melbournes Skyline… see the pickture?! Put yourself at the feet of that building and look up. Then, with some butterflies in your tummy, beam youself up onto level 88 – if you don’t own the ability for beaming, don’t worry there’s also a lift and it “only” costs $20 – and enjoy.

I would suggest to plan enough time for your stay up there and go in the late afternoon to see the stunning sunset. We stayed there for two hours, saved ourself a first-row spot on the floor for the sunset, took thousands of pictures (it’s pretty hard to take good pictures, cause the glass refects the whole time) and plundered our lunch/dinnerbox.

Little pro-tip: After the sun set, but before it’s completly dark close your eyes for five minutes – don’t forget to set an alarm – just relax and open your eyes with the sound of your alarm for the beautiful light and nightlife of Melbourne. Sounds weird, but its incredible.

For our second day we wanted to get a bit out of the city and had huge plans.

Together with our selfmade lunch we had a picnic infront of the Shrine of Remebrance and aferwards we climbed up the stairs to glory the view and Skyline. I cannot quiet explain it but this place has something… magical. It’s a beautiful spot loaded with great, positiv energie.

After this great start we caught the bus to famous Brighton Beach and its funny colourful houses. We had two major problems on our way. First we needed to buy an overexpenise myki (Busticket > pay for card itself and ontop put money on the card) and then we stood infront of a boring beach.

Ok, it was the wrong beach and it just took us 10 minutes to walk to the right one, but even then I was disappointed. These colourful houses always look so awesome, and they were still nice, but the whole location wasn’t that great at all. Maybe I was a bit spoiled with more stunning beaches but my jaw did not fall down as I expected it to.melbourne14We then had to collect all our motivation together, jumped on the next bus and visited St. Kilda Beach. In St. Kilda is a cuty street with some small shops and cafés and my mood lit up a bit again. Altough it was a pretty warm day it was freaking windy at the beach and it actually hurts getting violently turned into a breaded Schnitzel.

But there is one thing in St. Kilda that’s worth visiting (exept for that cute street) and I am not talking about the Luna Park (more about that in a minute). Right from the main beach itself is a jetty with a house at its end, and behind that house is a stone-walk-path-thingy-dingy (kinda another jetty but different) and THERE are sweet little penguins. YAAS!!!

It’s not easy taking a picture of these guys, cause its dawn when they come out of the water and you’re not allowed to use flashlights – exept you wanna blind these innocent guys – but it’s still great seeing them.

On our last day we were honestly a bit tired but we made ourself, with the cute Free-Tram, on the way to the Melbounre Star – tiny London Eye – where we realised that thing costs duble the price of the Skydeck and we turned our back to the Star and marshed into Harbour Town – we had to kill time till lunch were we’d meet a friend of mine.melbourne15After eating delicous Doughnuts with my canadian friend we went to Fitzroy Street. It reminded me a bit of Camden Market in London – without the market part. It is an older neigbourhood with oldfashioned stores and again loads of graffiti.

In the evening we went back to St. Kilda to see the penguins again and to go into the Luna Park. Maybe we were there for the wrong season or so, but that park was… the biggest disapointment of all. The carousels were more or less empty and over-overexpensive. We did not end up going for a ride.

That was a lot, so here is a quick sum-up for you:

  • Hosier Lane
  • Eureka Skydeck
  • Shrine of Remebrance
  • St Kilda Beach – for the Penguins
  • Fitzroy Street
  • Free-Tram
  • Federation Square and surounding
  • Brighton Beach
  • St Kilda Beach
  • Harbour Town
  • Luna Park
  • Melbourne Star

Melbourne is a nice City with some great places and I had a wonderful time there, but I still don’t get why everybody else I know fell SO MUCH in love with this City.

Have you been to Melbourne? What were your experiences?

See you, Saskia xxx


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  1. I like this part:
    This was the start for a crazy and wonderful friendship and we had an amazing time in Melbourne.

    Yes we had!

    Great post 😉

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