4. May 2017

Hello World!

Here I am.

You could also say: Here I am AGAIN!

Why, you’re asking?

Well that’s pretty easy, to be honest: blogging is nothing new to me, cause I am already a proud Blog-owner since almost two years now. And yes I know, that that only brings up a thousand other questions, so let me start all over again.

My name is Saskia, I am 20 years old – at least that’s what my passport says, in my head I usually feel a bit younger… but also sometimes older… well that makes sense Saskia, bravo, confussion in the first few sentences of your new blog – and I am from Germany, but proud to say, that there is britisch blood in my veins.

I am currently living in Australia as an AuPair and discovered traveling as my new – and super expensive – passion. Sure, I have already seen many different places and countries as a child, but to be honest with you guys, I was always that boring kid that stayed at the pool instead of seeing anything. I could have been anywhere and wouldn’t care.

BUT I changed! I actually changed a lot in the last eight month, but that’s another story.

Soooo as I said, I already own a blog which is written in german and about books and my life in general. I’ve never been just a bookblogger or just a lifestyleblogger, I was everything and I also wrote about my experiences here Down Under and I LOVE that blog. It’s a huge thing for me and even though I had some struggles with time and motivation lately, I AM BACK! Even as a doublepack this time.

My old blog, my normal blog is and will probably always be my main blog but there are two main reasons for me to open this new one:

First of all I wanted to write in english, because I meet during traveling many non-german people, that includes friends as much as family, and I wanted to give them the chance to read what I have to say just as much as I want to give it to my german friends (and I am pretty sure most Germans are smart enough to understand my english skills and if not you should probably do something about it – just saying).

And my other main reason to open this new blog is, that there is quiet a big gap beween what I am blogging about on “lifewithsaskia” and here on “TRAVELwithsaskia” – you see the similarities?! Smart, hm! – yes, I have already been posting about my travelexperiences, but I always held myself back cause I knew/ thought it’s not what that blog is mainly about. But – at least in my opinion – it’s too late to make major changes, for that my followerbase is too big. In my opinion it makes sense, even though it will be a lot more work for me to keep not one but two blogs alive.

Let me give you this one promise:

There will be a blogpost at least ONCE A WEEK, lets say on… Thursdays 1pm (Timezone: PERTH)

If you’re lucky even more often, I guess that will be the case especially in the first couple of weeks, cause I’ve already done most my traveling in Australia and I need to tell you about ALL of it!

Oh and I hope you don’t freak out each time I make any type of grammar-mistake, cause guys, I AM NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER, go on!

So, if you wanna find out more about me, myself and I, why don’t you sneak onto my “about me”-page, take a seat and create a picture in your head about who I am.

And if you so super-curious right now about what I’ve already done in Australia and you cannot wait for my weekly posts, don’t worry, I have something for you. You just need to head to the “Australia”-page and I asure you, there are already some storys waiting for you. Go, don’t be shy and have a look!

I hope were going to have a great time together!

And please let me know about your thoughts about this blog, I’ll welcome ideas, criticism and some nice words with open arms!

See you, Saskia xxx


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  1. I’ve done the same thing with my main blog as well, created a second one just for my travels so the first doesn’t change for my readers too much. We’ll both see together what it takes to keep 2 going 🙂 Can’t wait to read and speak more 🙂

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